FMM 20 – The new solenoid diaphragm metering pump -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


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FMM 20 – The new solenoid diaphragm metering pump

KNF FLODOS is proud to present the new solenoid powered
diaphragm pump “FMM 20”. The dispense volume of the pump
is factory set to 20µl. By manually adjusting the stroke length it
is possible to alter the dispense volume between 5 and 25µl.
This allows the pump to be calibrated to fit the system
parameters. The pump can be operated up to 20 Hz giving a
maximum flow rate of 30 ml/min. enabling the system to be
filled quickly.

The FMM 20 has been designed to withstand back pressures of
up to 1.0 bar and offers a minimum loss of flow over the
pressure range.
20 years experience of building diaphragm pumps combined
with an innovative solenoid drive have enabled KNF Flodos to
design a durable solenoid pump (over 250 million cycles). The
pump has all the characteristics of a conventional metering
pump such as good repeatability a linear flow curve and low
head volume.

A large choice of wetted materials ensures that the pump is
suitable for pumping most aggressive and neutral gases and
liquids. A compact size and quiet running make the FMM 20
especially suitable for use in equipment where space is limited or loud clicking noises unacceptable.
The KNF liquid diaphragm pumps are used in a wide field of
applications such as analytical and medical diagnostic
equipment, the inkjet printer industry or fuel cells.