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FUJITOK: Precision Custom Glass Units & Assemblies for Medical Applications

FUJITOK Corporation, Japan, Hall 8a, Booth J33

With over 60-year tradition of quality excellence, FUJITOK has been serving as a precision glass products supplier to medical and optical industries.

Image: Cylindrical glass unit on a cyan background; Copyright: FUJITOK


Specifically for medical applications, FUJITOK offers a variety of precision glass assemblies utilizing adhesive-free optical contact bonding technology. FUJITOK also offers a wealth of quartz glass containers such as fused silica cells, syringes, flow cells and micro-capillaries for spectroscopic analysis of objects with emissive or absorptive properties within ultraviolet range. These containers are ideal for analytical works with refractometer, blood cell counter, liquid chromatograph, electrophoresis apparatus and water quality analyzer.

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Image: Variety of a lot of different glass parts and assemblies; Copyright: FUJITOK


Founded in 1955, FUJITOK Corporation is one of Japan's leading supplier of precision custom glass units and assemblies for medical and optical applications. From sample works for prototyping to commercial volume production, we deliver quality products with flexible and timely service at quite reasonable cost. Our precision glass products are used for optical instruments, digital cameras, microscopes, astronomical apparatus and broadcasting equipment as well as medical applications.

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