Flexible Printed Circuits make your medical products safer, smaller and lighter -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Mektec Europe GmbH

Flexible Printed Circuits make your medical products safer, smaller and lighter

Flexible Printed Circuit with assembly

Mektec is the world’s leading manufacturer of flexible printed circuits (FPC). Since 1991, we are an established partner offering FPCs for a wide variety of medical and wearables applications. We support you to develop a flex module combining flex circuits with component assembly as well as overmoulding of plastics and sealings.

Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) are not to be excluded anymore from modern electronics for medical products and wearable. That is why Mektec will have a booth at the COMPAMED tradeshow, the international industry meeting point for the supplier market of the „med-tech“ industry. We are looking for interesting discussions and inquiries with existing and new customers who wish to profit from our over 20 years’ experience in FPCs for medical and wearable applications.

Mektec will participate for the first time at the COMPAMED with a booth from November 16th till 19th November 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany. As a leading company in the electronics industry, we will take part at the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH FORUM with the presentation „Flexible Printed Circuits: Pioneer of Smart Electronics“ (Session Printed Electronics and Intelligence). This presentation will give you insights and practical examples on the application of Flexible Printed Circuits for medical and wearable applications.

Flexible Printed Circuits enable products to be safer, smaller, lighter, more durable and cost-efficient and also to have higher quality and new functions. These advantages have already been implemented in hospital products, such as pumps for anaesthesia, non-invasive respirators, CT scans and mask trackers of a surgery navigation system which are applied directly on the patient’s skin. Patients at home are also benefiting from Flexible Printed Circuits in blood glucose meters, inhalators and novel wearable providing health and fitness monitoring functions. Altogether our FPCs contribute to trusted medical products that are used worldwide to improve patient health and facilitate therapy solutions.

We are able to support our international customers on a local level from the first development concept, across series production and till product phase-out. Together with our customers, we develop and manufacture their future visions in a long-term partnership. Mektec helps innovate with its unique portfolio of own materials and its pioneering technologies. Depending on the specific need, our customers’ series volumes range from small series till very large series.