Flexible Quick Fitting System for Analytical and Medical Diagnostic Applications -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


A. u. K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Flexible Quick Fitting System for Analytical and Medical Diagnostic Applications

Quick fitting System FitSys 18 and compact valves 18.00x

As news at the COMPAMED the flexible adapter system ‘FitSys 18’ as addition to the direct acting solenoid valve range 18.00x is presented by the German valve manufacturer A. u. K. Müller. This fitting system for sophisticated fluid applications, allows the simple and reliable creation of customer specific fluid systems. Based on a variety of standard connectors and valves, these are ideal for applications where space is limited. The range includes a number of different couplings, adapters and special variants. These include reduced orifices, pressure relief valves and adjustable throttles. Alternatively, it is possible to directly mold the fittings with a reduced orifice.

Depending on the application, it is also possible to configure valves from series 18.00x into a highly flexible multi-valve unit. This allows, the system to grow as the application demands and means additional output units can be added by using double or triple manifolds and additional valves. Thus, complex fluid paths can be created in a simple way. As the fitting system is based on standard threads and hose connectors, it is easy to connect to other components beyond ‘Fitsys 18’.

‘FitSys 18’ is secured by ergonomically shaped release rings on the push fit fittings. Therefore, no tools are necessary during assembly. This is ideal for manufacturing but also saves on-site time during service calls.

All plastic components of ‘FitSys 18’ are made from thermally resistant poly phenylene sulphone (PPSU) which can also be provided in medical grade. NSF- and UL-approved variants are available and further certificates can be offered on demand.