Freudenberg Vliesstoffe SE & Co. KG Industrial Nonwovens Europe

Freudenberg combines hydroactive and chitosan fibers in a unique nonwoven

Creating a moist wound environment and thus accelerating the healing process is one of the most promising opportunities in wound care. Freudenberg Nonwovens is the first company to market a combination of hydroactive and chitosan fibers in a unique nonwoven. Chitosan is a biopolymer derived from the shells of sea crustaceans which helps wounds to heal and also to rapidly clot blood. In combination with a hydroactive nonwoven, these fibers bring new perspectives for the healing process, particularly with regard to the treatment of chronic wounds, and are already proving their evidence in practice. Today, advanced wound care is used in all industrialized nations and in a growing number of emerging economies. The benefits of this treatment are that no scab is formed and the growth of new tissue is stimulated. In many cases, the moist wound environment drastically reduces the healing time (by half) compared with the traditional dry treatment. Additionally, antimicrobial products reduce the risk of infection for the patient.