From Sensor Die Level to Complex Systems -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Sensortechnics GmbH

From Sensor Die Level to Complex Systems

Sensortechnics Extends its
Design and Manufacturing Capabilities for Highly Customised Products

As a leading company in the development and manufacture of high quality sensors
as well as integrated sensing and fluidic control systems, Sensortechnics are pleased
to announce that its manufacturing facility in Germany has now been extended to
provide additional development and production capacity. Sensortechnics now has the
complete semiconductor assembly and packaging technology to produce highly
customised pressure and flow sensors and sensing systems for customers worldwide.

Our team of experienced engineers are available to develop individual solutions for
the medical, instrumentation and industrial markets according to customer
specifications and application specific requirements. Sensortechnics now has the in-
house capability to offer OEM-customers maximum design flexibility, quality and
cost-effectiveness, from initial concept through prototyping, testing and qualification
all the way to serial production. State of the art chip-on-board manufacturing
technologies integrate bare semiconductor die directly onto substrates allowing for
high package densities and maximum layout flexibility. We offer many
complimentary assembly techniques including thick-film hybrid, SMT as well as
special soldering, bonding and housing technologies. Analog or digital signal
processing, custom interfaces and sensor programming are also available for all

The complete sensor assembly line is located in class 10,000 to 1,000 cleanroom
environments. All processes are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 high class
management system. Certification to DIN EN ISO 13485 (Medical Quality Standard)
will follow shortly.