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Tecna s.r.l.

From assembly to test: the Tecna's quality path

PROVASET 2P new model up to 6 bar

is a leak and obstruction test system for pressure up to 6 bar. Its small and compact size is ideal in clean room work bench.

PROVASET 2P features includes reliable pneumatic circuit, up to 0.1 mbar of resolution at 6 bar full scale pressure, 16 test parameters tables for quick production switch and wide and brightness, high readable, graphic display for easy usage on every environments.


is a new solvent dispenser for cyclohexanone or similar solvents used for bonding of medical components, mainly PVC tubes and connectors. It's new patented design is based on a rotating and vibrating system. At each bonding, the operator simply inserts the tube in the adapter using the hand: recognizing the presence of the hand, the dispenser starts the dispensing wheel vibration.

The adapter vibration compensates the tolerances of the tube diameters, thus improving the dispenser efficiency.