Gear Motor: Compact and very low noise -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Bühler Motor GmbH

Gear Motor: Compact and very low noise

New 15mm gear motor by Buehler Motor designed for accurate positioning in noise sensitive applications

Small, extremely quiet and easy to integrate: Buehler Motor's new 15 mm planetary gear motor. The motor's adjustable drive is perfect in noise sensitive environments, for example in accurate positioning of cameras in video communications or in demanding applications in medical technology. By means of a three-step planetary gear, with ouput of 110:1, the 15 mm stepper motor can achieve torques of 6 to 12 Ncm, depending on the model. The operating noise stays below 40dB(A), measured from a 1 m distance. Motors are available for 5 and 24 Volt applications. With an operating angle of 18 degrees per step this motor has excellent accuracy, and guarantees precise positioning without the use of a separate positioning device. Moreover, the optimized version for high volume cost-effective production can easily be modified to meet individual customer requirements