HF 1500 SERIES Industrial Flow Transmitters -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


European Sensor Systems S.A.

HF 1500 SERIES Industrial Flow Transmitters

European Sensor Systems (ESS) has developed HF1500 Series, a family of industrial flow transmitters. The HF1500 series is a family of mass flow sensing systems which enables fast and accurate measurements of gas flows over a wide dynamic range.

Each system integrates a MEMS flow sensor and readout electronics inside a housing with very small form factor made out of Stainless Steel. The duty pressure of the flow transmitter is 11bar. All measurement data are fully calibrated and temperature compensated by means of a microcontroller, leading to a reduced temperature coefficient and high measurement accuracy. The standard system provides analog signal output, with excellent repeatability and hysteresis combined with good resolution.

The HF1500 series includes different system versions, depending on the application. Model HF 1500L has flow range up to 300SLPM, while model HF 1500H up to 1200SLPM. The standard calibration gas is Air, however calibration can be also ordered with other, non-corrosive, non-explosive gases upon request (e.g. Oxygen, Nitrogen). The standard output is 4-20mA but other analog (0-10V) or digital (UART) outputs are available upon request.

“We developed a new family of Industrial Flow Transmitters with outstanding performance in a very small, ruggedized housing” said ESS General Director, Emmanuel Zervakis. “Following the market requirements for miniaturization of sensors, we developed HF1500 Series which is the next generation of Compact Industrial Flow Transmitters. HF1500 Series Flow Transmitters are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications where high accuracy measurements of flow are crucial and due to their small form factor can be easily integrated to any equipment or device with confined space”.