Frankfurt Laser Company

High Power Laser Diodes in Cooled Packages

• Low cost and high brightness
• Wide spectrum of wavelengths
• Fiber optical output
• Integrated cooling
• Integrated fiber sensor and pilot beam
• Easy to engineer-in

Frankfurt Laser Company presents new fiber-coupled laser diodes for medical applications, e.g. Dental Treatment, Surgery, Otorhinolaringology (ENT), Obstetrics, Skin Diseases and Photodynamic Therapy.
The laser diodes come in hermetically sealed HHL housings featuring integrated TEC, thermistor to temperature stabilize/wavelength tune laser emission and monitor photodiode to stabilise power output. Integrated fiber sensor and pilot beam come as an option. Available wavelengths range from 622nm to 2000nm with output power from 0.2W to 30W. They are available with 62.5µm to 1000µm core diameter multimode fiber terminated with SMA-905 connector.