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High power in a new micro diaphragm pump

New micro diaphragm pump model NMP 015.1.2 from KNF Neuberger is characterized by its high flow rate, small size, and low pulsation of the transferred gas. Low noise during operation is an additional important feature.

The new product's outstanding performance traits are the direct result of several ingenious design solutions. For instance, it util-izes a patented structured diaphragm, internal pneumatic con-nection of the two pump heads, and a specially-designed pump housing.

The pump transfers 2.1 standard liters of gas per minute. Ulti-mate vacuum is 600 mbar absolute; maximum permissible overpressure in operation is 0.6 bar g. Thanks to its diaphragm principle, the pump works without adding pollution, thereby avoiding contamination of the media.

The pump is driven either by a high-quality air-core DC motor or a brushless DC motor. Customers can choose between ver-sions with 6 V and 12 V rated voltage. Due to its direct-current drive, the new pump is also suitable for use in mobile devices like those common in medicine or analytics. Furthermore, the entire unit – including motor – weighs just 60 grams.

New pump model NMP 015.1.2 is only the latest addition to KNF’s extensive line of micro diaphragm pumps. In addition to pumps for gaseous media, its product line also contains pumps for liquids.