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Highest Precision for Measuring

SLQ-QT500 for Healthcare

Sterilizable materials and biocompatibility make the SLQ-QT500 liquid flow sensor from Sensirion ideally suited forvarious medical, technical and diagnostic applications. The SLQ-QT500 covers flow rates from 0 - 120ml/min. The flow channel is absolutely precise and the sensor has no obstacles or moving parts.

The SLQ-QT500 sensor is based on the patented CMOSens® Technology and measures microthermally through the flow channel’s capillary wall, which prevents the chip from coming into contact with the measured liquids. Only the PFA tubing and the quartz flow channel are in direct contact with the liquid. This guarantees that the sensor has an extremely high chemical resistance and also enables the use of liquids with particles. Even the measurement of high viscosity liquids is no longer a problem. Thanks to these features and the RS485 digital interface, the sensor is able to achieve an exceptionally reliable measurement with a sampling rate of up to 1 ms.

The liquid flow sensor’s excellent sensitivity and measuring speed offer new possibilities for the monitoring and control of rapid dosing. The SLQ-QT500 is also ideally suited for the monitoring of processes with flow rates of up to 120 ml/min; it can measure both the actual flow rate of the liquid and the output of the total dosed volume.

For more information, go to: http://www.sensirion.com/slq-qt500 or visit Compamed 2013 (Hall 8a, Booth H19.6).