Highlights at COMPAMED 2015 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Highlights at COMPAMED 2015

COMPAMED 2015 is in full stride. We have collected some of the highlights for you in our photo gallery.

Photo: Gaedigk
The company Gaedigk presents a device to put a ventile or stopper on a tube. It is very compact and flexible. The control of the module is disconnected, so that multiple modules can be used on a control table.

Photo: Sense wave
With the sense wave of exceet Electronics the sense of balance of the patient will be tested. An early detection of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's is possible with this product.
Photo: Bluetooth foodswitches
With the bluetooth foot switch of Variohm Holdings Company surgeons can now also use their feet for operations with surgical devices. For example the surgeon can control surgical laser without the need of his hands. The default rate of the connection between transmitter and receiver is up to zero.
Photo: Handexoscelleton
The Handexoscelleton should help patients with limited hand functions in future. Still it is just a prototype but the researchers from Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia are confident that the product will be on the market in the next few years.

Photo: Smart Drug Dispensers
The intake of pills for children and people with dementia can now be dosed via smart phone. The co-product of Balda AG and Mechatronic AG Company named Smart Drug Dispenser can also inform the parents when their child takes the pills, for example.
Photo: Workstation Professional
For permanent marking of surgical instruments made of various materials you can use the Workstation Professional of ACI Laser Components. The workstation for laser marking is different from similar products primarily because of its multi-axis system, which enables a particularly large working range.
Photo: Vision sensor Advantage 100
The Vision Sensor Advantage 100 is presented by the company Cognex. It measures visual data on the vials and reads their barcodes. Because of this process the samples are sent automatically to the right channels in the laboratory. Until their further processing the samples will be documented and archived.
Photo: Large Volume Injector
The company Sensile Medical shows the Large Volume Injector at COMPAMED 2015. Next year it can be used for patients with cardiac insufficiency. The special thing about it is that these patients no longer need to visit the hospital. Instead they can use the Large Volume Injector independently at home.
Photo: Piezoventile
The company Festo AG & Co. KG presents Piezo valves in medical technology and laboratory automation. Piezo valves are used for various applications in the ventilation. The piezo valves are proportional organized, very quiet and low in energy because 90 percent of the energy will be returned.
Photo: Sandspirale
Seaborne plastics from Czech Republic presents a nice toy for children with a very special look formed like a spiral. It's a sand mold children can use in a playground. They can fill it with water or sand and that is very therapeutic and stimulating.