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eye-D Innovation

How Can eyeD Help You?

Product development process
eyeD is specialized in the product development process - from early idea to final product.

Our focus is on your product development process. We can assist you no matter where in your development process you are. We have three main packages that our clients can choose from:

eyeD Generator
Not started on your product development process yet? Need help generating new ideas or elaborate on existing ideas?
eyeD can help you identify new market areas and possibilities through idea generation and evaluation.

eyeD Inventor
The inventor package covers the whole development process, from idea to final product. eyeD will become your development department for a period of time. Through thorough research and extensive conceptualization we will develop your idea into a concept and final product

eyeD Optimizer
If you already have a product on the market, but feel that it is not living up to its full potential, then let eyeD have a look at it. We will investigate, analyze and redesign your product with a given perspective - fx. lower production cost, sustainability, aesthetics.

Visit us at COMPAMED to learn more about how eyeD can assist you in your product development process.