IDC Demonstrates How Innovative Design Can Transform Medicine at Compamed 2007 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Industrial Design Consultancy LTD (IDC)

IDC Demonstrates How Innovative Design Can Transform Medicine at Compamed 2007

Awarding winning product designer, Industrial Design Consultancy Ltd (IDC), will be showcasing some of its most groundbreaking medical product designs at Compamed 2007.

Over the last year, products have included the world’s first personal ECG (Electrocardiogram) heart monitor, as well as a pioneering LMA LoTrach™ Cuff Pressure Controller for LMA LoTrach™ Endotracheal and Tracheostomy tubes to help prevent lung infections such as pneumonia in intensive care patients.

The personal ECG was designed for Medick Healthcare. Known as the portable Medick Heart Monitor (MHM 100), it introduces a remote way of recording ECG data for consumers without stepping foot inside a hospital. By combining the conventional techniques found in ECG monitors with neural network technology, patterns and trends can be identified from millions of heartbeats. Users can view these heart patterns on the LCD screen integrated within the MHM 100, quickly and easily. As the MHM 100 requires the user to wear the portable unit, IDC was tasked with creating a design that would be discrete, comfortable, easy to view and simple to use, whilst still appealing to a consumer audience of a wide age range and technical awareness. All this - from design to manufacture - within a six-month period.

The LMA LoTrach™ Cuff Pressure Controller has been designed for Venner Trading (Singapore) Pte Ltd to work with their innovative and lifesaving LMA LoTrach™ Endotracheal and Tracheostomy tubes. The system works by inflating a sealing cuff around the airway to prevent liquids entering the lungs and causing a potentially fatal infection. IDC’s task was to upgrade and create a robust product for use in the Intensive Care units from a fully working prototype which monitors and controls the inflation pressure within the sealing cuff to ensure effective sealing without causing patient discomfort. Being equipment for the intensive care unit, IDC had to ensure that the product was small enough to fit alongside multiple other instruments, while being easy to read, simple to operate and meeting all medical compliance. Once again, IDC effectively managed across continents and to tight timescales, with Venner’s project manager in Singapore, the manufacturer in Germany and components sourced from around the world.

Other newly launched medical products will be on display at IDC’s stand at Compamed 2007: Hall 8b, Stand M12 (14-16 November).