ISL 2008 - 2nd International Symposium on Laser-Micromachining at 3D-Micromac AG -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


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ISL 2008 - 2nd International Symposium on Laser-Micromachining at 3D-Micromac AG

ISL 2008 - 2nd International Symposium on Laser-Micromachini
Experts in the field of laser micromachining meet at ISL 2008 in Chemnitz, Germany at second time

In the last years laser technologies not only confirmed their outstanding role for micro-machining but expanded it impressively. With enhancements in the areas of shorter pulses and shorter wavelengths there are growing possibilities to generate micro structures in all manufacturing sectors.

Applications related to practice and latest trends will be presented by laser manufacturers and users utilizing laser micromachining in industry applications at „ISL 2008 - 2nd International Symposium on Laser-Micromachining“ on the 12th and 13th of November 2008 in Chemnitz, Germany.

State of the art technology, latest developments, and perspectives will be shown on the basis of examples from industry and innovative R&D results. As already held at the first ISL in 2006 an intense dialogue between users from industry, developers, research, and science shall be conducted.

The symposium is targeted at users and prospects of laser micromachining. It will give a platform for information exchange and at the same time deliver an insight into latest news and solutions – individual and user-oriented.

The full program for ISL 2008 is now available online at

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3D-Micromac AG, a leading supplier of customized laser micro machining systems, has gained an established position in the international market over the past several years. As a developer and manufacturer of complex workstations, as a service provider for materials and surface machining or as a solution provider for the development of specific production processes - we are able to find the best solution for every customer’s task.

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