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IVAM Product Market: High-tech for Medical Devices

Growing interest in high-tech suppliers’ market – more halls, more exhibitors

Medical technology is on top of the ranking list of the European MEMS industry’s most important target markets, according to the latest IVAM survey. High-tech suppliers are very interested to secure market shares in the life sciences with innovative products, which is once again proven by the Product Market “High-tech for Medical Devices“, organized by IVAM Microtechnology Network. At this year’s COMPAMED/MEDICA, 26 exhibitors present themselves at the IVAM Product Market in Düsseldorf, Germany. As the number of exhibitors at COMPAMED constantly increases, the fair takes over two halls now: 8A (former 8) and 8B.

The exhibitors hope for a high quality of visitors, reflected in numerous business transactions: “We see an increasing demand for our measuring technology from the micro to the nano range in medical technology. This is why we are looking forward to COMPAMED“, says Heinz-Peter Hippler, Sales Manager at NanoFocus AG.

Sensor technology

A lot of exhibitors and visitors have a strong focus on sensor technology. Sensirion AG will inform about the use of gas and liquid flow sensors in specific medical applications (e.g. anaesthesia, ICU, homecare ventilation, CPAP, medical diagnostics, analytics and drug delivery). For example, the company will illustrate the use of its gas flow sensors in applications of medical ventilation. In addition, Sensirion is going to discuss future sensor-based products which become possible thanks to its CMOSens technology, e.g. implantable and disposable solutions.

Aceos GmbH will show three novelties; firstly two new O2 sensors: ACE-Xmed2 with an ultra-fast response time (< 50ms), especially applied with respiratory applications for infants, and ACE-Xmed3 with a measuring range up to 60 Vol%O2 for patient monitoring. Secondly ACE-DXmed1 will be shown – a plug&play sensor module to measure O2 and CO2 in spiroergometric applications simultaneously.

Tiny components

SERVOMETER Precision Manufacturing Group, LLC will present custom electroforms, which are very precise, thin-walled, light weight precision components, that can be made as small as 0.020” in diameter, with walls as thin as 0.005”; out of nickel, copper, implantable gold, silver, or a combination thereof depending upon the application’s requirements. Servometer electroforms can be used as molds, precision tubing, precision nozzles and other light-weight, structurally rigid components in various applications, including both invasive and non-invasive applications within the medical industry.

Smart Products, Inc. will introduce its 101 Barbed Check Valve at the IVAM joint pavilion, which fits 1/8” ID tubing and is ideal for medical applications including blood pressure cuffs, kidney dialysis, post-surgery instrumentation, or any application where space is limited. Due to a spring-loaded design, the 101 plastic valve does not require pressure to close and can also be used as a pressure relief valve. A range of precise opening pressures from 2 PSI to 20 PSI are available. Also new is the 103 NPT Check Valve which mounts by screwing into a manifold. The thread size is 1/8”, and a choice of materials and opening pressures is available. Smart Products provides over three million possible check valve combinations with a modular, mix-and-match capability.


Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH presents the latest generation of its micropump for the first time.
By using a double actuator, the mp6 pump is achieving up to 500 mbars of pressure while a new drive signal makes pumping noiseless. The dimensions of the package are 37 x 15 x 3.5 mm³ including fluidic connectors. The maximum flow rate is 5 ml per minute. Together with the high particle tolerance which is ensured by the unmodified design of the flap valves, the mp6 shows similar pump characteristics as its predecessor mp5. A valve with positive opening pressure to add backflow control when no actuation is present is currently being developed.

“The basic principle of the piezo membrane pump is simple, so an adaptation to various requirements is possible – the customer decides”, Product Manager Severin Dahms explains. Larger flow range? Certain materials demands? Higher flow accuracy? Some examples of performance adaptation are exhibited by Bartels Mikrotechnik at the IVAM booth.


Lasers for oxygen detection will be shown by eagleyard Photonics GmbH. The company has expanded its product portfolio by 760 nm and 763 nm Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers in butterfly package. eagleyard’s new DFB lasers track down oxygen by the characteristic ‘fingerprint’ of the absorption spectrum. The lasers with narrow line width are able to sense even residual amounts of oxygen. A mode-hop free emission guarantees a very precise gas analysis by means of absorption spectroscopy. The lasers are designed for applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Bonding technology

As a system supplier, PARItec GmbH will present micro technologies exemplified by the novel drug nebuliser PARI eFlow. This includes bonding technology with different materials such as steel, piezo ceramics, and plastics (e.g. polyimid) for medical use as well as autoclaveable or high-speed laser drilling for holes ex 2 µm diameter. “Micro fluidic systems are more and more common in medical technology. Such systems require new competences particularly in manufacturing technology”, states Dr. Roland Stangl, Director Microtechnologies of PARI Pharma GmbH.

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