Implants: silver and diamonds battle germs and abrasion -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Implants: silver and diamonds battle germs and abrasion

Interview with Prof. Bernd Stritzker, Institute of Physics, Chair of Experimental Physics IV, University of Augsburg

Almost five percent of all patients who receive a joint replacement need to go under the knife again after a short time. Bacteria that entered the body during implantation or strong surface abrasion have caused inflammation that leads to a loosening of the implant in these patients. A "precious" coating for implant materials could prevent this in the future.


Photo: Prof. Bernd Stritzker

Prof. Bernd Stritzker; ©University Augsburg

Photo: Bluely lit lab-on-a-chip system

The University of Augsburg especially developed lab-on-a-chip systems that are an alternative to animal testing in this research. They are used to test the adhesion of somatic and bacterial cells; ©University of Augsburg/ EP I

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann