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Improve hygiene practice thanks to Minigrip antimicrobial bags

Why antimicrobial protection?
• Under certain conditions, bacteria doubles every 20 minutes, yeast every 30 minutes and mould every 2 hours. • The development of these micro-organisms can cause odour, slime, spoilage and infection proliferation…

What is antimicrobial protection?
• Antimicrobial products are chemical substances which act in an effective way against undesirable micro-organisms, like bacteria, fungi, yeast or mould. • With the bacteriostatic technology used the number of bacteria remains the same, but their proliferation is stopped • The active material used is a 2,4,4-trichloro-2-hydroxydiphenylether, from the family of Triclosan.

Against which micro-organisms is it effective?
• Our Minigrip® antimicrobial bag is effective against: • Bacteria* (Listeria, Staphylococcus, Salmonella…) • Fungi*, mould* and yeast* (aspergillus, candida, epidermophyton, trichiphyton…) *Complete list available on request

To what standard?
• Our Minigrip® antimicrobial bag is controlled according to the Sanitized® test SN 195 920. • The Agar diffusion plate test determines both the antibacterial activity, and the absence of bacteria. • This Minigrip® antimicrobial bag is not suitable for food contact.