Improved Efficiency with Doyen Pouch Collating and Stacking Conveyors -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Doyen Medipharm Ltd.

Improved Efficiency with Doyen Pouch Collating and Stacking Conveyors

With the growing wish to cut costs and increase production output, automation and optimisation of secondary packaging processes moves into the focus of manufacturers. The use of Collating and Cartoning systems as stand-alone or integrated into production lines allows further savings of time and personnel.
Doyen Medipharm offers wound care and transdermal patch manufacturers several solutions for single- and multi-lane collation of flat pouched products, which run effectively with regards to speed as well as efficiency. The collating systems are designed to fit to be use with the standard outfeed conveyor of their packaging machines and are fully electronically controlled, making quick and easy product size changeovers possible.
One of the options available are shingling conveyors. These can be operated to collate pouches for cartoning. Designed for effective single-lane operation at machine running speed, these units receive the packs from the 4SS discharge and transfer them to the shingling position. Fully electronic control enables the automatic counting of close shingles of 3 to 50 packs at optimum speed, with a predetermined overlap (i.e. 50%) leaving a gap between the shingled pouch ‘stacks’.
A more advanced option are stacker collators. Doyen has developed stacker collators for multi-lane operation, allowing high speed counting and stacking of transdermal patch sachets or wound dressing packs. In this process, the stream of packs in each lane is diverted to their respective stacking position, where the packs are counted and stacked uniformly into plastic trays.
Doyen’s collating systems are ergonomically designed and facilitate easy handling of the stable pouch stacks. Operators can easily pick up the stacks and place them into cartons, reducing the time taken to accurately collect and group the pouches thus increasing the operating speed of end of line packaging equipment.

Doyen offers full line integration: converting, packaging, cartoning and outerwrapping technology and other ancillary equipment with guaranteed performance. Neil Andrews, VP Sales and Marketing, explains how customers benefit from Doyen’s integration services: “Line Automation has a major impact on production performance. With the help of add-ons like auto splice systems, vision systems and collators, performance of our machines at high speeds can be increased by up to 30 per cent.”