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Image: graphic model of kidneys in the human body; Copyright: Kaulitzki

Computer kidney could provide safer tests for new medications


A University of Waterloo researcher has spearheaded the development of the first computational model of the human kidney.
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Image: a hand on a desk and a plastic tube that takes a laser probe of the skin; Copyright: Lou Corpuz-Bosshart

Low-cost 'cancer probe' could spot deadly melanoma early


Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is diagnosed in more than 130,000 people globally every year. Now, work is being done on a tool to help in its early detection: a simple, compact laser probe that can distinguish between harmless moles and cancerous ones - in a matter of seconds.
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Image: a man and a woman standing in a laboratory presenting a white

New material: treat open wounds, infections and cancer


New shape memory polymer doesn't require additional triggers like temperature changes and could have major implications for health care treatment.
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Image: a hand with blue gloves holds a little plastic strip ; Copyright: American Chemical Society

Powering a pacemaker with a patient's heartbeat


Implantable pacemakers have without doubt altered modern medicine, saving countless lives by regulating heart rhythm. But they have one serious shortcoming: Their batteries last only five to 12 years, at which point they have to be replaced surgically.
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Image: a human hand hands a tangerine to a robotic hand; Copyright: Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Getting a grip on human-robot cooperation


New study reveals guiding principles that regulate choice of grasp type during a human-robot exchange of objects.
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Image: Black baground with neon writing on it;M. Gmelch and H. Thomas, TU Dresden

Invisible tags


A team of physicists headed by Prof. Sebastian Reineke of TU Dresden developed a new method of storing information in fully transparent plastic foils. Their innovative idea was now published in the online journal "Science Advances".
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Image: A white box in which many green and blue threads are shown. Representation of the flow of an air conditioner; Copyright: Fraunhofer SCAI

Evaluation of complex engineering data


A further increase in the performance of supercomputers is expected over the next few years. So-called exascale computers will be able to deliver more precise simulations. This leads to considerably more data. Fraunhofer SCAI develops efficient data analysis methods for this purpose, which provide the engineer with detailed insights into the complex technical contexts.
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Image: 3D model of a brain; Copyright: krishnan.r

Mapping the brain at high resolution


Researchers have developed a new way to image the brain with unprecedented resolution and speed. Using this approach, they can locate individual neurons, trace connections between them, and visualize organelles inside neurons, over large volumes of brain tissue.
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Image: a man in a laboratory - Michel Calame; Copyright: EMPA

Hand-knitted molecules


A research team from Empa, the University of Basel and the University of Oviedo has now succeeded in synthesizing a single molecule with atomic precision and monitoring the assembly process.
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