Innovative Pressure-Tank -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Formfaktor GmbH

Innovative Pressure-Tank

6-C pressure tank
At the COMPAMED 2009 Formfaktor will present an innovative pressure-tank with 6 independent connectors offering completely new concepts of space-saving pressure-handling in pneumatic systems. So it is possible to integrate pressure-tanks , pulseabsorber (device to reduce pressure oscillation caused by air compressors within a pneumatic system) and silencer within just one pressure tank. Up to 6 separate pressure tanks with different capacity are as well possible as any combination of pressure-tank, pulseabsorber and silencer. Equipped with external valves, those 6 volumes can be extended by adding or subtracting single “sub-“volumes. As additional feature the pressure-tank can be suited with a cable feedthrough. This feature allows sensors or actors with an aperture of up to 22mm) being housed inside the tank. The tanks are available in 140, 270 and 510ml.