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Interactive package helps improve user convenience and patient safety

Reading and understanding user instructions may be difficult. What if a three-dimensional cartoon character would read them to you?

At last year’s Medica, Wipak presented exhibition audience a medical packaging with a 3-D animation character Wiki explaining important features of the the product to users. Wiki appears out of the pack when a tablet or cell phone camera is pointed at the packaging. Pre-installed application reads the printed tag and shows a video, 3-D model, voice, pictures, text or a combination of these. Users don’t need an Internet connection to start the animation once they have downloaded the app. This technology can be utilized for example to include user instruction videos of homecare devices into package, even on several languages.

Read an article at EMDT: http://www.emdt.co.uk/daily-buzz/packages-coming-alive and visit our Wipak stand 8a/S01 in Compamed to see the next generation of Wiki.app and Wipak.app, and learn how to implement the technology into your package.