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KD's Design Director Speaks on Consumer Healthcare at Product Design & Innovation Conference

Product Design & Innovation Conference
Launched in 2011, the PD&I Conference is now the leading independent conference in Europe for product and industrial designers. Product Design + Innovation offers delegates a forum of debate, education and networking with many leaders and influencers within the product design community, facilitating an exchange of innovative ideas and approaches to working in a competitive global environment.

The conference speakers provide insight into the latest trends, developments, opinions and the future of product design, manufacture and sustainable innovation. Leading product designers - including Kinneir Dufort’s Design Director, Craig Wightman - discussed opportunities presented by people-focused innovation in healthcare back in May. The Consumerisation of Healthcare session examined the role product design can play in the complete cycle of an individual’s care: from disease prevention, screening and diagnosis, through to treatment, monitoring and health management.

Craig Wightman, Design Director Kinneir Dufort:

“Healthcare is in the middle of a re-invention. Consumer technologies and services are increasingly empowering consumers to become the masters of their own health,” observed PD+I panellist Craig Wightman.

Craig has 25 years’ experience in design and, having had previous spells in design consultancy and manufacturing, has been Design Director at Kinneir Dufort since 1997.