Kinneir Dufort Design Ltd

Kinneir Dufort's Revolutionary design tackles hospital infections

To bring the traditional hospital bedside cabinet into the 21st century.

The team carried out extensive user research with all stakeholders, focusing specifically on infection control and patient requirements.

Kinneir Dufort’s backless cabinet eliminates hard-to-clean areas by utilising a continuous moulded form, with smooth surfaces and no joints, junctions or sharp corners to harbour germs.

Patient storage is provided by two upper shelves which are easily accessible from the bed, two drawers, a lower open storage area and clothes hooks on the rear of the unit.

The ‘reversible’ cabinet design feature is an elegant solution which allows the unit to be used on either side of the bed. Both drawers can be fitted with concealed RFID-controlled electronic locks for secure storage of possessions.

Kinneir Dufort

Bristol Maid