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SED - Societé Etudes Développements

LASER Micro assembling : SED

Most of the LASER welds are performed under neutral gas (Argon) to limit the risk of corrosion, especially for stainless steels. SED uses manual LASER welding machines specially adapted for very fine laser weld spots smaller than 50µm. The assemblies made by SED are most often handled manually either directly or through small tooling, which allows quick development of assembling processes. The high level expertise of SED operators allows full use of the possibilities of SED welding machines with the performing of barely imaginable precision and finesse welds, both on prototypes and on series of thousands parts.
Thanks to their great flexibility of use, SED LASER welding machines are used in multiple applications: realization of components by welding of several parts obtained by different manufacturing processes, Assembly of different materials to reduce the cost of components (including Iridium / platinum pieces), deburring, realization of complex forms, closing of tubes, realization of spherical ends, substitution to collages, crimping...
The components, assemblies and finished products manufactured by SED are used in cardiac and neurological stimulation, in orthopedics, in microsurgery, invasive surgery...
Thanks to a more than 20 years experience in surgical devices at the international level, and always ready to meet new technical challenges, SED, helps its customers at every step their projects: idea, prototyping, tooling, and industrial production of small and medium sized series.