Lever valves with push-fit connectors for control of high temperatures fluids -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


A. u. K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Lever valves with push-fit connectors for control of high temperatures fluids

Lever valves 47.00x.20x

The supplier of solenoid valves made from high performance plastics, A. u. K. Müller presents at the COMPAMED its new lever valve series 47.00x.20x. The lever valves are applicable to control fluids up to temperatures of 98 °C and steam up to 143 °C (3 bar). Available with the nominal orifices DN 3 and DN 4, the valves are available with 6 and 4 mm push fit connectors, for easy integration into fluid paths and service. In general, lever valves give flexibility in both, mounting position and flow direction, and allows incorporation into a wide range of possible applications. All offered types are electrically optimized exhibiting low power consumption below 10 W. For use in more demanding environments, coils with IP classes up to IP 68 are offered. Furthermore, the lever valves are certified in accordance to NSF 169 and KTW/W270.

A general benefit of lever valves is the hydraulic and electrical separation between liquid and valve parts. As well as media separation, lever valves also benefit from a reduced dead space. Due to their design, they are also robust and resistant to the effect of particles. A further advantage is the distance between the fluid path and solenoid, resulting in a thermal separation, allowing the handling of temperature sensitive media. Therefore, lever valves are particularly suitable for dosing tasks and fluid delivery of liquids. Such as temperature sensitive, aggressive, particle loaded or high-purity liquids in medical or analytical instrumentation.