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Lewel Group Product Creation Platform - adding value to product development by cutting the costs

Lewel Group’s strong product development know-how connected to Worldwide technology partner network creates the basis of Lewel Product Creation Platform. Whether it’s about High-performance device or application that operates with less need of computing, Lewel Group will find you a suitable solution.

More than 80% of the product costs are defined during concepting and product definition. With fully customizable product development environment the costs of a design project can be reduced substantially. With Lewel Product Creation Platform, operating system, modules and components, technology selections and benchmarking can be done before actual productization starts.

Risks mapping and mitigation planning in early stage are one of the major challenges in projects. Functional network of Lewel-specialists, technology partners, component suppliers and electronics manufacturing services guarantees that device will be on market with top quality, reduced costs and just in time.

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Jukka Kangas
Managing Director
Lewel Group Finland Oy

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