Lewel Group is participating in Future Particle Accelerator design in Cern. -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Lewel Group Finland Oy

Lewel Group is participating in Future Particle Accelerator design in Cern.

Lewel Group Finland among four other Finnish technology companies, The Helsinki Institute of Physics and European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) are developing in co-operation technology for new compact linear collider (CLIC). Development is part of Mechanics-project (Marie Curie linking Industry to Cern), funded by European Commission and coordinated by Institute of Physics.

“Co-operation with innovative companies is very important for Cern in order to get futures challenging mega projects ready on time with correct price target” says Rolf Heuer, director-general of Cern.

During the project Finnish companies will send their specialists to CERN for a year where they will participate development of CLIC and CERN will send their specialists to work for these companies in turn. This project is the first people exchange project CERN has participated. Strengths of selected companies’ lies in their capability of computer aided design, production technology, material technology, assembly design and soldering technology.
CLIC collider will be 48 km’s long particle accelerator, placed in straight tunnel underground. Development project covers major part of development and production of collider’s particle accelerator. What makes development especially challenging is that the size of accelerator’s components will be only a fraction of the size of new large hadron collider’s components, which was also developed in CERN.
Decision for production will be made in five years.

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