Lewel Group Finland Oy

Low-energy Platform for Medical Home Care Solutions

Lewel Group created low-energy platform for medical home care solutions

LTD enables low-energy solutions and wireless technologies quickly and smoothly to new products.

Lewel Group has created a low-energy wireless platform (LTD) which allows easy customizing and medical sensors and detectors attaching as part of product. It makes products easier and faster to develop within tight development and product cost budgets.

“To improve our quality of product development services for our customers and responding to our rapidly growing medical devices business, we have seen that customizable and cost-efficient product platform was the best way to answer our customer needs. Platform is developed for customers who wants low-energy solutions and wireless technologies quickly and smoothly to their new products”, said Jukka Kangas, CEO, Lewel Group Finland Oy.

LTD platform is an engine of medical smart systems where application processor, wireless and communication features are already supported. Platform HW is ARM-based system where powering and interfaces to external modules and sensors are ready. Platform is battery operated and it supports monochromatic and colour screens and touch panels.
Technology selections are made so that components life cycles fulfil the medical and industrial requirements.
LTD is an open platform for developers to create application they need. It includes embedded SW, API services and drivers for RTOS kernel.