Low Pressure Plasma Treatment of Medical Plastics -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


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Low Pressure Plasma Treatment of Medical Plastics

What is low pressure plasma?

Plasma is known as the fourth state of matter. In low pressure
plasma technology a stable and effective plasma is created
by an electromagnetic discharge of a gas at low pressure and
low temperature. The plasma interacts with the surface of the
substrate without changing the bulk properties of the material.
The material can be plastic, metal or ceramic.

Plasma Processes and Applications for Medical Plastics

Super Fine Cleaning or Etching

• Cleaning of stents
• Cleaning of implants
• Cleaning of contact lenses
• Cleaning of guide wires

Chemical Activation of the Surface

• Activation of medical devices prior to functional coating
• Activation of catheters prior to gluing, printing, coating
• Activation of needle hubs prior to gluing
• Activation of culture growth plates and other diagnostic devices

Functional Coating of Materials

• Hydrophilic coating of culture growth plates, and other diagnostic devices
• Hydrophilic coating of medical tubes and drug delivery devices
• Functional coating of medical filter materials
• Functional coating of medical textiles
• Functional coating of lenses
• Permanent hydrophobic coating of medical devices
• Biocompatible coating of implantable devices

Why using plasma?

• Dry and clean process
• Clean room compatible equipment
• Flexible and easy to use
• Highly effective treatment on three dimensional parts
• 100% controlled processing environment
• Low variable costs

What can Europlasma do for you?

• Design and build turnkey equipment
• Process development
• Subcontracting