Sanmina-SCI Medical


About Sanmina-SCI’s Medical Division

The Sanmina-SCI® Medical Division is the largest provider of medical Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) in the world. Our Medical Division offers medical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) complete end-to-end manufacturing services from engineering and manufacturing to logistics and repair/returns management. We specialize in a full range of medical products, from small and medium-sized medical devices such as blood pressure monitors and prostate therapy systems to large equipment such as CT scanners and ultrasound systems.

Our key differentiators include:
- 20+ years market expertise, in Medical EMS
- Built division around medical OEM volume and mix requirements
- Separate, dedicated Medical Division
- Global footprint to match your manufacturing needs
- Superior regulatory/FDA compliance and quality assurance
- World-class engineering and logistics
- Superior supply chain and logistics management
- World-class Information Technology (IT) systems
- Extensive Class II and Class III experience
- Manufacturing 70%+ complete fi nished systems

With more than 20 years of medical industry experience, Sanmina-SCI’s Medical Division helps medical OEMs reduce costs while producing quality medical products that are delivered on time in every major market in the world.

Market Expertise
Sanmina-SCI’s Medical Division produces a broad range of products from consumer medical products that may sell for as little as $30, with volumes in the hundreds of thousands to millions of units per year, to very large, complex medical systems in lots of 10, 25 or 50 units per year.

The division also offers a dedicated medical engineering staff that works closely with medical customers to ensure a seamless transition from initial design and prototyping to volume manufacturing. Over the years, we have assembled a dedicated medical staff from large medical OEMs, contract manufacturers, and quality and regulatory organizations. As a result of this level of expertise, Sanmina-SCI has successfully partnered with an impressive list of medical OEMs – from small start-ups to large multi-billion dollar global enterprises.

World-class Information Technology Systems
In order to ensure every possible advantage for our customers, Sanmina-SCI continues to invest in our information technology systems and capabilities. With a dedicated Agile CM system, our Medical Division provides documentation management and electronic DMR's with a dedicated IT staff that knows Medical engineering and documentation. Best-of-breed software enables efficient manufacturing and supply chain management, plus provides the customer with a consistent experience across the entire Medical organization.

World-class Quality Assurance
Sanmina-SCI’s Medical Division offers a best-in-class, worldwide medical quality management system that enables us to meet stringent quality and process controls. Our dedicated workforce undergoes an extensive training process, providing them with in-depth knowledge of regulatory and reliability requirements for medical devices and equipment.

In addition, each dedicated medical manufacturing facility is in compliance with all applicable domestic and international requirements for designing, manufacturing, and repairing medical devices and equipment. These eight (8) facilities are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and ISO 13485:2003 certified, the international regulatory standard for designing and manufacturing medical devices and equipment.

Key differentiators include:
Dedicated medical facilities – FDA registered and certifi ed to international quality standards
Division RA/QA – Staff experienced with FDA submissions, inspections and notifi ed body audits
Validated electronic records and documents – FDA inspected and FDA part 11 compliant
Comprehensive internal audits – Staff ensures compliance and harmonization across all facilities

Global Footprint
Sanmina-SCI has established a focused, separately managed Medical Division with eight (8) dedicated medical facilities that are closely linked with our medical regulatory and quality organization. Each of our medical manufacturing facilities are FDA registered and ISO 13485:2003 certified, and managed by people who have produced medical equipment for as long as 20 years.

Hand-held Devices
- Blood pressure monitors
- Resting metabolic rate monitor
- Blood analyzer
- Hospital bed controllers
- Anesthesia gas module

Medium-sized Devices
- Endoscopic equipment
- Cancer treatment devices
- Dermatological lasers
- Device to treat menorrhagia
- Ophthalmic surgical system

Highly Complex Devices
- Computed Tomography (CT)
- X-ray equipment
- Mass spectrometer
- Nuclear medicine equipment

About Sanmina-SCI Corporation
We are the manufacturer behind the brand. Sanmina-SCI® Corporation is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on delivering complete end-to-end manufacturing solutions to technology companies around the world. Sanmina-SCI’s service offerings include innovative product design and engineering, test solutions, manufacturing, IT expertise, logistics and post-manufacturing repair/warranty services. Sanmina-SCI is recognized as a technology leader with major global operations in over 19 countries and on five continents.