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Minco S.A.

MINCO - Free Industry Guide for Medical Diagnostic and Implant Applications

Medical Implants - Examples of Implants by Minco
Minco, a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical applications, has a free industry guide that gives design engineers ideas on how to save weight and space when they incorporate proven heater, flex circuit and temperature sensor designs from Minco into their critical medical device components.
See how these products can improve In Vitro diagnostics, In Vivo diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, surgical equipment, respiratory devices, pacemakers, defibrillators, hearing implants and infusion drug pumps.

This guide highlights the following:

• How precision flex circuits in a urological probe locate important nerves so they can be avoided during prostate surgery.

• How Thermofoil™ flexible heaters warm fluid samples and keep them at a constant temperature.

• How rigid-flex motherboards provide signal processing in middle ear and cochlear implants as well as external hearing aids.

• How temperature sensors accurately average temps across critical surfaces for precise control.

• How you can integrate temp sensors and heaters, or flex circuits with heating and sensing capability into a small package.

This 8-page guide can ordered in print from Minco’s website or downloaded: http://www.minco.com/contactus/literaturerequest.aspx. Also available at our booth at COMPAMED 2008 (Hall 8b G15)