MINCO - Replace conventional wiring with high density, reliable flexible circuits. -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Minco S.A.

MINCO - Replace conventional wiring with high density, reliable flexible circuits.

Medical Diagnostics - Complete solution Flex+Heater+Sensor
Save up to 75% on space and weight with these tight tolerance, fine-line, compact and flexible wiring packages for medical and aerospace applications.

Minco, a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical applications, has a complete line of flexible etch circuits designed to fill the gap between round wiring and printed circuit boards. You’ll have virtually unlimited freedom of electronic packaging geometries while retaining the precision density and repeatability of printed circuits.

Minco flex circuits offer a number of benefits:

• Space and weight savings: A single flex circuit can replace several hardboards, cables and connectors. Think of how your designs can improve when you can save up to 75% of the space and weight of traditional wiring.

• Highly repeatable and fast to install: They fit only one way, so you’ll see highly repeatable routing paths in your assembly. This eliminates wire routing errors and reduces testing, rework and rejects. No labor-intensive wiring harnesses.

• Ideal in harsh environments: Encased in polyimide, this dielectric layer protects the wiring and connectors far better than soldermasks.

• Long duty cycles: Thin and robust to withstand thousands to millions of flexing cycles without breaking. This reduces maintenance and downtime.

• Can withstand high vibration: High ductility and low mass withstands high vibrations and accelerations. Ideal for high reliability applications.

Different styles of flex circuits offer different advantages and benefits. In addition to simpler, single layer flex circuits, Minco can design and manufacture double layer, multilayer, multilayer with no plated through-holes, rigid flex, Flex-Coils™ and integrated flex circuits that incorporate sensors or Thermofoil™ flexible heaters.

In addition to a wide number of flex circuit styles, Minco offers many flex circuit design options including rigid-flex hybrid circuits, stiffeners, factory-forming, wave solder carriers, pins, coils, shielding, special electronics populations, selective bonding and integral connectors, heaters and sensors.

Minco’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2000/AS9100B. Minco flex circuits are proven. Successful installations can be found in the space shuttle engine controls, pacemakers, laser gyros, surgical tools or security detectors. Minco documents, monitors and verifies all processes. Optional testing, cycling and micro-sectioning are available.

A Prototype Flex Circuit Design Kit is also available (http://www.minco.com/products/flex.aspx?id=631).
A Flex Circuit Design Guide can be ordered in print or downloaded (http://www.minco.com/contactus/literaturerequest.aspx).