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Martech Medical Inc.

Martech Medical

Martech®is a vertically integrated Contract Manufacturer specializing in, Catheter and Device Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Extrusion, OTN’s, Needles, Vessel dilators. Hemodialysis, PICC and CVC Catheters as well as Valved Peelaway Introducers. Services include R&D, Tool Design/Fabrication with onsite tool shop, Extrusion, Molding, Tipping, Assembly.

Our ability to complete projects, from small to large, uniquely positions Martech Medical Products to serve all customers. Services that smaller companies do not have or larger companies do not wish to spare, Martech always works for you. Our development team has the ability to work on all details of a project, with little initial input, and have been able to develop our own products following all ISO, CE and FDA requirements, so you can have confidence that your project will meet all of these same requirements and be handled in a professional manner.

Martech is an FDA Registered Medical Device Manufacturer and ISO 13485:2003 registered company. All facilities comply with all FDA QSR and ISO/CE requirements for manufacturing medical devices. Martech has an experienced Regulatory Department that can assist with all phases of international product approvals, including FDA 510(k) and PMA, EU-CE, Canadian Licensing, and Japanese Shonin.