Photonics - lasers and beams improve diagnostics -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
Photo: Tool works with green laser


Special May 2016

Photonics - lasers and beams improve diagnostics

Photonics has developed from optical communications technology in the 1980s – especially through the use of glass fibers as a transmission medium. Today, it concerns itself, among other things, with the production of micro- and nano-structured components. Thus, for example, micro-robots are to be developed in the near future which collect information inside the human body. In the current Special May, we put these innovative technologies under the microscope.

Infrared optics: micro and nanostructures provide new insights

Photo: Hand print at a crime is secured using coal powder and adhesive film; Copyright:

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Laser technology: producing and assembling micro polymer components

Photo: Close-up of a device that produces a green laser; Copyright: RUB/Damian Gorczany

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