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MecVel Srl

Founded in 1986, in Bologna, Italy.

We manufacture linear actuators (electric cylinders), screw jacks (mechanical actuators) and gearboxes suitable for medical and home-line / applications (such as X-ray machine, wheelchairs, community kitchen equipments, wellness, floor washing machines), steel industry, military/defence applications and industrial ones (packaging machines, snow cannons, food processing equipments, wood working and ceramic industries, solar trackers, nuclear plants, automotive).

All these products are shown on our website where 2D/3D drawings can also be downloaded.

All products are designed by company-employed engineers: this gives high flexibility and chances to customize and design new products according to specific applications.
We use the best suppliers and the most advanced technology.
R&D in collaboration with the Universities of Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia.

We are passionate about developing the best motion solutions for your applications.

Great customer care.