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Medical technology – IV Bag Production

Cost, physical requirements, ecological aspects – many are the factors that play an important role where the selection of the right material is concerned. Whatever your final decision in this respect might be, Kiefel is the high-tech supplier to choose.
Kiefel always focuses on cost-effectiveness and product quality when designing and fabricating machines for the manufacture of infusion bags, CAPD products and multi-compartment items.
Customer specific machine solutions based on standardised subassemblies, plus the use of a wide range of monitoring and testing equipment, help guarantee this.

Flat Foil Inline Machinery Infusion Bags
TC Inline Machines for the processing of flat foil and components made of olefin materials, are characterised by their high rates of output. Kiefel three-stage welding technology is designed to provide an all-round quality finish for each component. Cycle times are considerably shorter than those of the conventional TC welding system.

Tubular-Foil Machinery for Infusion Bags
Kiefel offers highly flexible machinery designed to handle foil material supplied in tubular form.
Simple reprogramming allows a range of different product sizes to be processed on one machine, without any need for manual retooling.

Infusion-Bag Filling Systems
Kiefel also offers complete solutions for filling systems.
These filling units can be operated with either TC or HF systems. A CIP/SIP system ensures automatic cleaning and/or sterilisation.

KIEFEL is a world leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of machines used to process plastic foil materials. The company offers core expertise in the fields of moulding and joining technology. In addition to supplying the vehicle and packaging industries, KIEFEL also serves the medical technology sector and refrigerator industry.

KIEFEL GmbH, a member of the Brückner Group of Companies, is based in Freilassing, Germany. The company also runs its own network of sales and service centres in the United States, France, the Netherlands, Russia, China and the Czech Republic, and is represented by sales partners in more than 60 countries worldwide.