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Cluster Mikrosystemtechnik, c/o Hochschule Landshut

Micro-Mechatronics Workgroup funded

Landshut, 28.09.09 – The trend towards miniaturised and more intelligent systems continues. Hardly visible and unnoticed by many, micro systems take over important tasks in medical engineering. Without them, modern therapeutic devices, innovative surgical practices or intelligent implants would just be unthinkable.
Because of the multitude of developments and technologies, it becomes increasingly complicated for manufacturers to get or to maintain a full picture. Therefore, the Micro-Mechatronics Workgroup combines various technical expertises and supports companies in promptly transforming current research results and technical possibilities into marketable and seminal products.
Development, design and manufacturing of integrated, intelligent systems for micro-mechatronic applications demand specialists from a large variety of technical disciplines: Micro-systems technology for instance contributes electrical packaging technologies, while the key skill of mechatronics is integrating sensors, cyber-physical systems and actors into subassemblies. Because of that, the Cluster Mechatronics & Automation, Augsburg, and the Cluster Mikrosystemtechnik (micro systems technology), Landshut, joined forces and founded the Micro-Mechatronics Workgroup. The core tasks of this new Workgroup are to initiate and to moderate solutions for application-oriented problems in the field of micro-mechatronics as well as the active networking between the related specialists.
The Micro-Mechatronics Workgroup is an independent working forum, open for all companies, service providers, universities and research facilities, and provides tangible assistance in all fields of micro-mechatronics. Especially in the business field of medical engineering, the Micro-Mechatronics Workgroup has a lot of expertise, gained in numerous successfully completed research projects. Regardless whether the problems are in sensors and actors, packaging, system concepts, test and reliability, system simulation or in the development of hard- and software – the Workgroup is the competent contact. From the scientific point of view, the Micro-Mechatronics Workgroup is supported by several universities, Fraunhofer research centres and a nationwide operating application centre for hybrid microsystems.
In order to make the expertise gained by the Micro-Mechatronics Workgroup available for as many companies as possible, education and technology transfer are further central tasks. One of the long-term goals of the Workgroup is to identify new and additional fields of application for the expertise gained in the projects. The Workgroup also works as a platform and forum in order to inform the public about the services of its partners.

Caption: Micro fan impeller designed by the Fraunhofer institute for reliability and micro-integration (IZM), Oberpfaffenhofen, using a generative method.
Source: Fraunhofer IZM