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Minco S.A.

Minco - Temperature sensors for medical devices

Regardless of where you need to sense temperatures, Minco has a standard or custom solution to fit your application, performance needs and budget.

Minco, a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical applications, has a complete line of temperature sensors, sensor accessories, transmitters and instruments for use in medical devices and pharmaceutical processing.

Thermal-Ribbons™: Rugged, thin and flexible RTDs or thermocouples offer easy, non-invasive installation.
Ceramic elements: Accurate sensing in thin-film or wire-wound elements.
Temperature sensor assemblies: Spring-loaded, explosion-proof, flameproof, direct immersion, high-temp probes with thermowells.
Precision reference thermometers: Laboratory accuracy from -260 to 660°C (436 to 1220°F) True strain-free elements, reference grade accuracy traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology.
RTDs and thermocouples: Fast response, tip-sensitive, mineral-insulated.
Sanitary sensors: 316 SS cases for pharmaceutical, fluid and food processing.
Accessories: Holders, thermowells, extensions and fittings.
Instruments: Transmitters, indicators, controllers and accessories.

With over 7,000 temperature sensor designs, let a Minco engineer help you choose a standard or customize approach to meet your temperature sensing requirements.