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Minco 384 - Hole Flexible Heater Provides Critical Temperature Uniformity

Minco’s 384-hole heater provides critical temperature uniformity across a 384 well polymerase chain reaction (PCR) sample block.

“As thermal cycling machinery in the IVD market rapidly moves from a 96-hole to a 384-hole microplate, steel rule dies are becoming less effective for the development of smaller heating components,” said Brian Williams, Minco Product Manager. “Minco engineers recognize that alternate routing techniques can produce the substantially smaller heating components required to effectively work within the tight dimensions of the 384-hole microplate.”

This technology enables extremely tight hole-to-hole tolerance allowing for near perfect registration of the Minco 384-hole heater to a PCR sample block. The seamless fit of the heater provides superior heat transfer critical to fast temperature cycling environments. It also enables an unobstructed view of the reaction process because large heating components can be eliminated.

The Minco 384-hole heater contains an etched-foil element which also encourages heat uniformity as reagents are cycled through high-throughput PCR thermal well steps of denaturing, annealing and extension.

“Minco recognizes the IVD market is continually reducing size, adding features and increasing the sophistication of temperature cycling machinery,” added Williams. “Minco engineers are committed to developing heaters that produce higher throughput, optimal uniformity and tighter dimensional tolerance.”