Minco Launches Thermal Vial™ Temperature Sensing System -- COMPAMED Trade Fair



Minco Launches Thermal Vial™ Temperature Sensing System

Minco has launched its Thermal Vial™ Temperature Sensing System to provide accurate measurement and documentation of freezing, process and storage methodology.

Designed and manufactured for the HVAC/R and building automation markets, the Thermal Vial Temperature Sensing System builds on existing Minco sensors with additional options such as vial size, multiple thermowell configurations, loop powered indication and three levels of calibration accuracy to ensure that customer requirements are always satisfied.

“Minco recognizes that facilities with critical environments and processes are in need of building automation systems with advanced capabilities,” said Tryg Behny, Minco HVAC/R Industry Manager. “Facility managers and systems engineers are looking for something that will provide more accurate monitoring, alarming, logging, and control. Standard HVAC/R sensors do not have the capability to perform to these advanced standards.”

The Thermal Vial not only ensures that processes and storage temperatures are accurately measured and controlled, but it also removes the need for in-house calibration and simplifies the validation process.

The Thermal Vial also includes a unique feature which sets it apart from other HVAC/R industry sensors and allows real time verification. “The Thermal Vial encompasses a wire-wound element capable of -200°C operation,” said Behny. “The probe does not contact the vial material, which prevents spillage and contamination.”