Mini Swing-piston Pump for Transferring, Compressing and Evacuating -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


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Mini Swing-piston Pump for Transferring, Compressing and Evacuating

KNF Neuberger introduces a new miniature swing-piston pump for air and other gases. Pump model NPK 04 is ideal for use as a transfer pump and, depending on configuration, as a compressor or vacuum pump. Its sealed swing piston moves media oil-free and without adding contamination. These characteristics predestine it for use in medicine, analytical instruments, and production technology.

Despite its small size, the pump transfers up to 3.3 liters per minute and is capable of achieving vacuum of 300 mbar abs. and overpressure of 1 bar. When used intermittently, it can reach as high as 2 bar overpressure. An ingenious and proven combination of materials for the piston seal and pump cylinder ensure long-term stability of pneumatic values and a long service life for the piston seal. The pump is maintenance-free, very quiet, and exhibits low vibration. It can be operated in any position.

The pump is driven by a direct-current motor. The customer can choose between a brush motor and a brushless motor in either 12 or 24 Volt. The brushless motor is characterized by an especially long service life and low power consumption.