Miniature Pumps: Piezo Technology on the Advance -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Schwarzer Precision GmbH + Co. KG

Miniature Pumps: Piezo Technology on the Advance

Piezo pumps have been on the market for quite some time. In spite of their numerous advantages their application options have been limited until now. The conventional piezo actuators with their low amplitude did not produce adequate performance for most applications. A new technology now provides the breakthrough for piezo pumps.

The patented piezo actuator by AdaptiveEnergy is based on the new "Ruggedized Laminated Piezo" technology (RLPTM). The laminated piezo element allows the RLPTM actuator to achieve significantly higher amplitudes than conventional piezo drives. Thus, a performance leap is achieved which not only guarantees greater operating reliability but, at the same time, also drastically improves the control properties of the piezo pumps. The RLP™ actuator is the heart of the new Piezo Liquid Pump SP 125 PZ-L by Schwarzer Precision.