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Moly Manganese Metallization on Ceramics

Aluminum Oxide metallization with Molybdenum/Manganese AKA "MolyMag", brazing to metal components

The use of ceramic structures or bodies for hermetic applications has been a well established technology. The strongest and most reliable joints are achieved using a refractory metal composition as the basis for the metallization system, typically with nickel plating as the default final layer required for brazing or soldering to metal components.

PFC specializes in the mixture of Molybdenum and Manganese, commonly referred to as "MolyMag." Along with other elements made into a homogenous mix, it is applied through various methods onto the ceramic and processed at high temperatures to achieve its full benefits. The mix, application, and processing are all proprietary. The various controls and validations in the process parameters are where metallization systems are differentiated.
PFC provides metallization and brazing services to the highest industry standards and often times exceed design requirements where other suppliers are limited. PFC metallization systems are suitable for Aluminum Oxide (Alumina) from 94% to 99.5% and, depending on the ceramic body source, strength of the metallization usually exceeds 22,000 PSI.

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