More than 25 Years of Solutions to the Healthcare Industry -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


BJ-Gear A/S

More than 25 Years of Solutions to the Healthcare Industry

BJ-Gear is one of the leading suppliers of dedicated transmission solutions to the Healthcare Industry. Our gears and actuators form part of the driving units of the movable parts in X-ray scanners, nuclear medicine scanners, MRI scanners, mammography scanners, mobile X-ray scanners, patient tables, surgery tables and other technical medical equipment.

BJ-Gear´s experience with transmission solutions within advanced technical medical equipment is dating back to the 1980s and has been an important catalyst to develop and produce products with very high precision and quality. We supply products from our standard program or design and develop customized solutions for a specific purpose.

The Healthcare Industry has focused mainly on our compact precision gears, spindle gears and actuators with low backlash, low noise level and high quality. BJ-Gears own produced gears and actuators are typically supplied with motors, brakes and encoders built-on in one combined and fully tested unit. The solutions from BJ-Gear also include the development of larger electromechanical devices of which the gear or the actuator is the heart.

We think innovatively and are customer-oriented during the process of development, are goal-directed in maximizing your total benefit in relation to design, functionality and economy.

With engineering based on knowledge and innovation, BJ-Gear can ensure a competent delivery from the conception of design and production to delivery of prototype and subsequent serial delivery. In this field area as well, BJ-Gears flexible development department and production facilities imply that BJ-Gear can quickly produce special gears and actuators at a reasonable price, even in small series. The starting point can be either a new design or an existing design to be changed or optimized.

BJ-Gear is looking forward to the next 25 years with dedicated transmission solutions.