SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH


The new sensors for air bubble detection from SONOTEC, also called ABD, enable the identification of gas bubbles in flexible tubes or metering boxes filled with fluids. There are several fields of application in the medical sector such as dialysis. Here, the sensor is able to observe the transport of body fluids and to alarm in case of a failure. Furthermore, the sensors can be applied for blood- and nutrient transfusions as well as for injectors. The utilisation as an empty/full detector is another conceivable application for our ABD.

The sensors developed by SONOTEC have no contact with the fluids. The flexible tube is pressed into the sensor clamp and it does not need a usually required coupling medium. The procedure is not dependent on the fluid colour. Our intelligent sensors are very appropriate to the medical technology and to areas with highly hygienic standards. Even bubbles of a very small size (until the lower micro-litre range) can be quickly and clearly detected by our sensors. The ABD has a customised programmable microcontroller, so that extendable functionalities such as fail-safe-functions can be integrated. The sensors can be applied for tube diameters of 3 to 20 mm. Sensor operations are feasible with different voltages (5 VDC, 12 VDC or 24 VDC). The switching output is offered in different variations. An adoption to customised tube sizes as well as other specifications is feasible.

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