Nanoparticles for the MRI – Smart contrast agents -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Nanoparticles for the MRI – Smart contrast agents

Interview with Prof. Dr. Cornelia G. Palivan, Department of Chemistry, University of Basel


Image: Woman with short red hair, smiling - Prof. Palivan; Copyright: private

Prof. Dr. Cornelia G. Palivan; © private

Image: The left graphic shows a grey ball with red dots and green and blue filaments attached to it. In the right picture the blue filaments are detached; Copyright: Cornelia Palivan et al.

The graphic shows how the contast agent works. In the left picture the gadolinium (red), the heparin (green) and the peptides (blue) are one comlex. After an reducing agent is introduced, the peptides are detached; © Cornelia Palivan et al.

Image: MRI-pictures of a brain. Left, a hand, holding a pen, pointing at an MRI-picture; Copyright:

The higher the contrast, the more detailed the MRI pictures. The new nanoparticels can improve the constast tenfold compared to usual contrast agents. But before they can be used in a clinic, it is a long way to go; ©