New BioVyon™ Porous Plastics for Healthcare Applications -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Porvair Filtration Group

New BioVyon™ Porous Plastics for Healthcare Applications

Porvair Filtration Group announces the expansion of its range of BioVyon™ porous polymeric, composite and functionalised materials, designed for use in the healthcare industries.

Manufactured in an ISO accredited clean room environment - the new USP Class VI BioVyon™ sintered porous plastics offer the high degree of biocompatibility and bio-safety required by many healthcare applications.

Using proprietary processes to immobilize materials such as carbon, C18 coated silica and antimicrobials onto the BioVyon™ matrix - Porvair is able to change the properties of the sintered porous plastic to optimally suit different applications.

These BioVyon™ materials offer a wealth of novel filtration and separation possibilities to organizations developing devices for the healthcare industry.

Application developments include: Catheter vents manufactured from BioVyon™ incorporating cellulosic materials that swell in contact with fluids such as blood, providing an instant ’shut-off’ device that prevents bypass of potential hazards ; BioVyon™ plastics incorporating activated carbon that efficiently remove impurities in water & BioVyon™ with active resin immobilized on the matrix to enable removal of specific chemical molecules in a sample prior to diagnostic analysis.
In addition by direct chemical or biochemical modification of the BioVyon™ material surface - Porvair has created a range of new functionalized separation materials that can be used for different diagnostic applications.

Porvair Filtration Group, an international leader in high performance filtration and separation materials and products for the medical, pharmaceutical and life science industries will be exhibiting these new BioVyon materials at the Medica/ CompaMed 2010 in Düsseldorf (Hall 8a, Stand R-08).