New DDP600 Power Supply -- COMPAMED Trade Fair



New DDP600 Power Supply


Roal Electronics SpA will be presenting its new DDP600 series of extremely compact and efficient ac-dc power supplies at  Compamed 2015 , Düsseldorf, this November.

The new DDP600 series, has been specifically designed to meet the widest application requirements in the Industrial, Medical and SSL market segments. Offering 600 Watts at 24, 36 and 48 VDC single output voltage, the series keep unchanged all functional parameters throughout the 85 - 305VAC extended range of input voltages. A 94% typical efficiency, 2 x MoPP medical protection grade, a greater than 0.9 PFC at any working condition and a 800 Watts peak power for 10 seconds, are the DDP600 series key characteristics.

The series provide a steady 600 W of regulated DC power, through the full 85 to 305 VAC input range, in a 4.4 x 7.3 x 1.6 inches form factor. It will be presented in two different packages: enclosed, with a built in fan cooling solution, and in a U-shaped chassis. Further variants, part of the product range, will be released to meet the system integrators demands.

By converting energy to typically 94% efficiency, the DDP600 series generate less heat thus facilitating thermal management in space constrained systems and offering higher reliability.

The DDP600 series current release, come with two standard 24,36 and 48VDC output voltages, offer a 12VDC auxiliary and +5VDC stand-by outputs. Available control signals include Power Good and Remote On/off.

The series feature a built in I-share circuitry for parallel operation between power units to enhance total power and, adding a FET-based OR-ing external circuitry, offered as optional, allow N+1 redundant operation.

The enclosed units can deliver full output power from -20 to 50°C and can operate up to 70°C with de-rating. All versions are capable to start up from -20°C.

A built-in fan speed control circuit does assure a proper forced air cooling flow in every working condition minimizing operation noise and enhancing useful life.

Protection features include High-Breaking capacity fuse on both Line and Neutral, input under voltage lockout (IUV), output over-current (OC), output short-circuit (SC), output over-voltage (OV) and over-temperature (OT).


The DDP600 family comply with the 3rd edition of the IEC 60601-1 safety standard for medical equipment offering 2x MoPP protection grade and being suitable for BF rated applied parts. The series comply also with the 2nd edition of the IEC 60950-1 standard for IT equipment and UL8750 for lighting applications. The series meets the EN55022 EMC limits of Class B for conducted and radiated emissions as well as the IEC/EN 61000-3 and IEC/EN 61000-4 EMC standards.

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